Imperial Export now offers car and truck wrapping * Wide Color Selection*

Known as a ‘car wrap’ or ‘car wrapping’, it is now possible to transform the appearance of your vehicle without the need for a costly and permanent re-paint.

Traditionally, in order to change the style of a vehicle, a paint job would be the best course of action. Whilst vehicle re-painting is still a popular option it is often very expensive and permanently changes the style of a vehicle.

Vehicle vinyl wrapping enables low cost and high quality customizations to most vehicles through a method which is completely reversible and produces a similar result to re-painting.

Furthermore, vinyl wrap film offers several finish choices that can not be matched by traditional paint.

No Paint, No Mess!

With over 50 standard vinyl colors available in 5 different finishes and Imperial Export’s ability to apply partial or full body, single or multi-tone wraps – you are limited only by your imagination!

Based on our reliable quality assured car wrap service, our vinyl color change system allows you to:

Change the color of your vehicle quickly and easily
Protect & preserve the original paintwork
Remove it at any time and return to the vehicle’s original finish

Our experienced team is always more than happy to offer advice and guidance either over the phone or face to face, to provide you with all the information you need about having your car wrapped.

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Imperial Export offers fully custom armoring for cars and trucks

Imperial Export is now offering customer car and truck armoring.

IMPERIAL EXPORT is one of the leading Canadian firms that specializes in the manufacturing and production of armored vehicles, cars and trucks. Their luxury armored cars, SUV’s and CIT’S (Cash In Transit vehicles) offer safety and peace of mind world wide.

IMPERIAL EXPORT’s extensive experience has earned it global recognition and a flawless reputation at every level. Their solid networks insures that we will always find what our clients need with ease and will assure worldwide delivery.

IMPERIAL EXPORT is a Family run company with a solid structure at its base. Every CERTIFIED IMPERIAL EXPORT ARMORED vehicle that rolls off our production line will only do so if they would let one of their own family member be a passenger. TROY ARMORING strives on the craftsmanship, safety and quality of its product. They take the time to understand the needs of their clients and offer them the best solution. Whether you are a civilian, dignitary, VIP or worry about the safety of your employees TROY ARMORING will tailor a vehicle or fleet to fit your needs. With the ongoing emergence of worldwide conflict zones IMPERIAL EXPORT will not compromise on safety.

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