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One of Canada’s leading businesses in the worldwide sales of vehicles for over 20 years.

Now taking orders for 2024 models

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Imperial Export possesses a large sales team, which allows for the purchase of domestic and international vehicles. Our logistics personnel manages the loading of each sold vehicle in containers from the most important ports in North America to anywhere in the world, in record time.

A family company you can trust with your next vehicle export.

After many years of experience in exporting vehicles within North America, as well as to and from other regions of the world, we know that pricing is one of the most important factors for our customers. That is why we have prioritized getting the best possible price in the market for our customers ALWAYS.

Beyond pricing, we pride ourselves in our speed, efficiency, honesty, professionalism and impeccable customer care.

You can rest assured of your car purchase when you deal with our experienced team.

Export documentation provided

With every car purchased through us, we provide the necessary official documents required for our clients to import their vehicle into the desired final destination’s port.

No taxes or hidden fees

When you purchase with Imperial Export, we do not charge additional sales taxes on your vehicle, nor any extra hidden fees.

Secure shipping & all risk insurance included

Not only do we transport your car for free, we make sure that the shipping container is secured with proper customs ID tags and your vehicle is insured.

Purchasing Options

We offer financing for select ports and accept letters of credit. 100% LC accepted.

Thinking of the future of cars?

We too are ahead of the the evolution of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The car industry is undergoing a major transformation with the evolution of electric (EVs) and hybrid (HEVs) vehicles. The growth in electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles is rising and it is estimated that by 2025, EVs and HEVs will account for almost 30% of all vehicle sales.

Let your next car purchase be an electric or hybrid and join us in the future of the automotive industry.


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