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Go the distance while lowering your carbon emissions!

More and more cities are banning diesel and petrol cars. Many countries around the world have been thinking of ways to make their cities more pedestrian-friendly while lowering CO2 emissions. A good number of large cities worldwide are finding successful ways to extract vehicles mainly from their urban centre and allowing only electrical or hybrid vehicles. 

In addition, electric vehicles can take you further on one single charge, cutting on the time spent recharding. On average, most electric vehicles can go over 200 miles on a single charge. 


Benefits of electric vehicles

Electric cars are connected, fun, and practical. They can reduce emissions and even save you money. Some of the many benefits of owning an electric car are:

Benefits of of hybrid vehicles

If you want some of the benefits of EVs but do not want to go full on electric, then a hybrid car could be the right choice for you. The hybrid feature has infiltrated almost every class of vehicle, from luxury sedans to minivans. Some of the benefits of owning a hybrid car are:

Our unique core advantage is in being able to meet supply for demand on either rare special edition cars, cars that are not available in our customers destination country, cars that are in high-demand in specific regions and local inventory is low on such and commonly-found vehicles at the best market price.

While EVs and HEVs are the future, they are not always easy to find, especially in cities where demand is high, this is why you should trust Imperial Export with your future electric and hybrid export needs!